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Don’t Have an Alcoholic Beverage … Play!

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If you like to have a beverage occasionally, keep your money out of the casino if you are going to do your drinking in a casino. I am serious. Leave your evening bag, your money belt, and keep all money, plastic credit and checkbooks out of the casino. Grab only the money you intend to use on refreshments, tipping and few dollars you anticipate to squander and keep the rest behind.

Pessimistic? Absolutely not. Just realistic. You might have a win after a intoxicated night out with your buddies and be blessed sufficiently to hit a marathon toss at a hot craps game. Keep that story seeing that it’s as short-lived as it gets if you regularly drink and bet. The two just do not go well together.

Keeping your money out of the casino is a little bit drastic, but defensive actions for dramatic behavior is required. If you play to profit, then do not drink alcohol and play. If you like to toss away your cash nary a worry, then consume all the no charge alcohol your stomach can handle, but don’t pack charge cards and chequebooks to throw into the mix of going after squanderings after your drunken head loses all the cash!

Let me to carry this one step further. Don’t consume alcohol and then head on the web to play in your favorite casino either. I love to beverage from the coziness of my house, however seeing that I’m linked up through Neteller, Firepay and keep credit cards at my fingertips, I can’t drink alcohol and gamble.

Why? Even though I do not consume alcohol a lot, when I consume alcohol, it is definitely sufficient to cloud my common sense. I bet, so I do not drink alcohol when wagering. If you are more of a drinker, do not wager when you do. Both create an awful, and costly, cocktail.

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